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Fishing Makes You Healthier and Happier

Yup! I can say that with confidence since my blood sugar remains at prediabetic levels, my cholesterol has returned to normal, and I continue to lose weight. The guys over at Outdoor Empire sent me this cool article explaining everything I’ve been saying for months. Check out the article:

SHOUT! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine featured an article of mine!

SHOUT! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine featured an article of mine!

I wrote an article for SHOUT Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine titled “Old Becomes New.” You’ve seen my fishing floats. They look old, like something from yesteryear, yet they function as something new, a simple, elegant design reminiscent of childhood times on the river with your dad, uncle or old friends. The theme for the March/April edition […]

From “The Catfisher’s Prayer Book:” Ingenuity’s Plea

If I had a daughter her name would be Dorian or Ingenuity. Dorian from its musicological perspective is an interesting name, but Ingenuity personified is like Solomon’s personified Wisdom. Here’s what I mean: Note the picture of the Red Swamp Crawfish in the link: Red Swamp Crawfish from¬†Wikipedia. Note the homemade crawfish pattern in the […]