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Catfisher’s Prayer Book | of kings and gods

I had a dream. Whether it was the bass or bluegill or channel catfish or the hot sauce or the ketchup or the mustard or the trail mix or the bitter salad, I cannot tell, but I had dream.

I was a god, like Thor. I waged war with other gods against other gods. I took a wife. Her skin would change from light to dark depending on her season in life. We loved and made love.

At some point we came to earth and lived. As long as we lived on earth we never aged. On our own world I had developed a brain tumor. On earth it had gone away.

My time on earth I learned of a sect of people called Christians and the God they worshiped. I told my wife of the Christians and their belief and asked her about our own ancient writings. She knew them for she was made to study them when she was young.

Upon having scribes investigate the ancient writings, I realized the God whom the Christians worshiped was also the God who made us: the gods. We had worshiped ourselves, built halls and temples and systems unto ourselves.

Upon returning to my world, my kingdom had begun to deteriorate. Infighting in our halls threatened to tear the kingdom apart. In a meeting of the gods, tempers flared, each wanting his own way. I screamed until the plaster and pillars cracked. They quieted. A lone voice among the gods spoke honestly toward all happenings, and I knew the God of the Christians was the true, living God.

To the kings and gods of the earth, listen.