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Hot Rod Your Mud Motor In Stages

Hot Rod Your Mud Motor e-Course

Hot Rod Your Mud Motor e-CourseOh, I just figured out how to give Darth Predt more power without him totally disintegrating. (Darth Predt is my SPS longtail for those of you who don’t know.) It’s the old stage system. In auto racing drivers and builders refer to a system of escalating stages for any motor build.

Here’s how it works. You buy a basic engine like a 212cc, 6.5 hp Predator, then follow this sequence:

Stage 0

  • Engine acquisition
  • Engine break-in with cheap oil
  • First oil change replace cheap oil with high-end synthetic oil
  • Zero modifications

Stage 1

  • cheap or easy modifications without modifying the motor’s interior components
  • this leads to significant increases in power because you remove the EPA’s restrictive exterior system components
  • add performance intake and exhaust
  • jet the carburetor
  • more power virtually no loss in reliability

Stage 2

  • more expensive or more difficult modifications without modifying the motor’s interior components.
  • billeted fly wheel
  • advanced timing key
  • stiffer springs
  • performance carburetor
  • even more power with little loss in reliability

Stage 3

  • cost effective but more difficult modifications made to the interior engine components
  • camshaft
  • governor removal
  • billet rod
  • high RPM
  • good balance between high power and engine reliability

Stage 4

  • all out, Mad Max, Evel Knievel mods of epic doom
  • high compression cylinder head
  • big carburetor
  • high lift rocker arms
  • lightweight push rods
  • crankshafts
  • basically a total rebuild from the bottom up with all racing grade components.
  • a custom build for a specific application. high torque vs high RPM.
  • most power output, least reliability: get ready to build a new motor after about five trips.

Keep in mind each stage builds off the previous stage.

If you want to know how to build and hot rod mud motors kind these, consider the free Hot Rod Your Mud Motor eCourse.