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Black Warrior Lures DIY Slip Cork Kit

I’ve sold these homemade slip corks for years now. They also come in a do-it-yourself kit. This way you can set the length as you like. The kit comes with 24 stems, 24 stem swivels and 24 pre drilled wine corks.

Slip cork fishing is a pretty finesse way to fish for catfish. In fact the slip cork doesn’t know what it’s catching. It only telegraphs what’s happening with the hook and bait.

Slip bobbers, slip corks and slip floats are all the same thing.

My slip cork setup uses a bead and dacron line for a bobber stop as they call it.

Slip cork fishing for catfish is popular in Texas, but the corks don’t know what they’re catching. They’re just as effective at catching bluegill. I’ve even caught minnows on these.

You can make a stationary slip cork rig by placing slip shot lead on both sides of the eyelet.

DIY Slip Cork Kit:

Do-It-Yourself Slip Cork Kit