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How to Rig a Cane Pole | Rigging a Telescopic Cane Pole

In all my years of fishing, dad never taught me how to rig a cane pole. It’s one of those things a dad thinks he taught you how to do, but never did.

Today’s pole are much better since many of them are made from fiberglass, and some are even made from graphite. Rigging a telescopic cane pole is much like the old canes poles of yesteryear, but you have the toughness of fiberglass or the sensitivity of graphite.

Cane pole fishing rigging includes pole line to distribute the stress throughout the length of the rod, leader material, hooks, bait and I use old lead core line as weight.

Canoe pole fishing for bluegill is a classic way to learn to fish. It’s simple. It’s easy, and it’s how more people learned to fish than anything else.