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Bending Branches Impression Day Paddle | Swivl-eze Boat Seat Pedestal | Crank Case Breather

After breaking my oar, I decided to bring my Bending Branches Impression Day Paddle out of mothballs. I used it on my old pirogue, but never got rid of it. It’s coming in handy now.

I had looked for a wooden kayak paddle design for some time and came across Bending Branches over and over. It’s the 240 cm version since I’ m a tall guy and will run from a fairly wide boat.

Also the old chair has given up the ghost. It’s time to bolt a new chair on. This time I added a Swivl eze boat seat pedestal to thing more comfortable.

The crank case breather is a simple air filter, hose than help the vent the crank case gasses. however your don’t the oil to get out and fall into the water. The crank case gets hot. those gasses expand, and they need to go somewhere. Otherwise the motor would leak oil like crazy. Gotta relieve that crankcase pressure.