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How to Catch Blue Catfish in a River

How to catch blue catfish in a river? Learn to catch bait. You need bait. I like bluegill because they’re plentiful, and I love bluegill fishing. You can use shad, skipjack, suckers, carp, drum or other prevalent fish in your area..

How to catch blue catfish in summer starts with understanding where the type water you have. I have a a riverine lake. Sometime it acts like a lake. Sometimes it acts like a river. The closer you are to the dam, the more it acts like a river. The further down stream, the more it is a lake.

How to catch catfish during the day to me is easier than at night. At the very least I can see! I prefer jugline fishing for catfish. It’s like a vertical.

How to catch catfish in the summer can be difficult because the fish are never really comfortable. It may be better to stock up on your favorite bait fish for the fall/winter bite.

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Man Catches 22 Inch Blue Catfish With 8lbs Cuban Yoyo

Man Catches 22inch Catfish On 8lbs Handline

Yup, With an 8 lbs. leader and a Cuban yoyo handline, I landed a 22 inch blue catfish. It can be done, but you have to be a finesse fisherman.

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