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Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Okay, the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife: It works well for me. I like it. In terms of long term performance, we’ll have to see.

I’m not sure of the difference between the Ralapa Heavy Duty Electric Knife and the Rapala Heavy Duty Pro Electric Knife is.

When they say heavy duty, it doesn’t feel heavy duty in my opinion. It seems a little more durable than other knives on the market, but my definition of heavy duty is overkill. This isn’t an overkill knife.

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife Case: This knife didn’t come with a case. I bought this at Academy, and it only came in standard clear plastic shipping shell like most things these days.

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric knife grey/black. There are a few color combinations: grey/black or blue/grey. You know I don’t know the difference between all these. Sometimes I wonder if there is a difference.

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