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From “The Catfisher’s Prayer Book” | The LORD is my Lord

The LORD is my Lord. He stretched the heavens and brought forth the many lights. He named them and taught them to shine. He girded Orion’s loins, and gave him his strength. He placed His dipper the Big Dipper on His table the sky. With His Little Dipper He scoops a bowl of soup for a meal.

He gave Pegasus wings; to Aquila He gave a beak. The great Crab He gave pincers. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah he placed in the sky with a great mane as Leo. The Twins He placed in the heavens, Gemini.

He gave all the stars their place, and gave them their light according to their distance form the earth. He filled the universe with their light, with His glory He filled them.

The Lord is the light of the sky. The LORD is my Lord.