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Best catfish circle hooks? Well, that depends on what you’re doing. I figure it a bit self aggrandizing if i call my own hooks the best catfish circle hooks.

Let’s start with catfish circle hooks in general. Many of you know the point of the hook is set slightly past perpendicular to the shank. This makes the hook function like a handcuff. Awesome holding power. The action is based on a allowing the fish to take the bait and swim away. That hook will turn, dig in to hook the fish doing all the work for you.

The best catfish rod for circle hooks are the fiberglass rods with a soft tip. Fish will take the bait and swim away while the rod loads up with out them feeling much resistance. By the time the rod backbone kicks in they’re already hooked.

Use Black Warrior Lures Catman Circle Hooks as blue catfish circle hooks. They are great for eating-sized blues. They also work well as circle hooks for channel catfish. The thick wire means you can man hand the hook with pliers and not worry about it bending out of shape. Bending weakens the metal. Weak metal leads to lost fish.

I recommend 4/0 for catfish circle hooks size. That about twice the size of a 2/0 j-hook, but in reality the gape is about the same.

Circle hooks for flathead catfish, I don’t have any experience with old Mr. Tabby.

Fishing for catfish with circle hooks is easy. The hook does all the work for. When the fish takes the bait and moves away. The cam action of the hook starts to dig in and set all on it own. This is how to use circle hooks for catfish.

Jug fishing circle hooks: same principle. The hooks do all the work for you. Throw out your jug with your favorite bait. The fish will hook themselves.

With jugline catfish circle hooks I prefer 30 lbs mono. That’s plenty strong enough. Some people prefer braid but I find it too hard on the hands. just give me mono any day.