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Cane Pole Fishing in Alabama | Cane Pole Setup

Dad fished with a cane pole all the time. Cane pole fishing comprised most of what I did as a kid. Rods and reels were sort of fancy devices that caused more trouble than anything. There was always a cane pole on the boat, and especially if fishing from the bank.

I’ve wanted to experiment with cane pole fishing for catfish in the same way as drifting with my hand lines. Simple lead core line would serve to get the weight down, but I’d probably use no more than 10 lbs line for eating sized catfish on a cane pole anyway.

See the fish don’t know that you’re using cane pole fishing techniques. You can drift, lob cast, use a float or go straight line. the cane pole doesn’t know.

Cane pole fishing rods are light. They make fly rods feel railroad iron.

Although I prefer true cane or bamboo, modern materials in fiberglass and graphite mean cane pole can collapse making them much more portable. More so than a fly rod even.

Rigging a fiberglass cane pole is the came a traditional cane pole is the same as rigging a telescopic cane pole. Check out the previous video for that.