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Blue Catfish With Soft Plastics?

Blue catfish with soft plastics? Yes! Doug Stange at In-Fisherman has written on the subject for years now. I had a subscriber to ask about soft plastics in catfishing, so I figure now would be a good time to start a playlist on the subject.

Blue catfish on soft plastics works for the same reasons it works in other target species like stripe or largemouth bass. It simulates meat and flesh. Catfish are just as susceptible. Only catfish have a superior sense of taste and feel than bass. They can see nearly as well as Walleye. I think that’s why you need some kind of bite stimulant or oil or salt or something more than just the soft plastic itself.

Catfishing with soft plastics doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. Think more about what the catfis hare eating than trying to fool them. You’ll probably settle on swim baits and simple grubs.