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Best Bait for Trolling Blue Catfish

Strip bait is the best bait for trolling blue catfish. Trolling tends to be more active than drifting although both meet in the middle somewhere. In drifting you’re most likely suspending bait below the boat. In trolling you’re dragging baits behind the boat.

Chuck bait is good for drifting. Strip bait is best for trolling. The best baits for trolling catfish include: bluegill, skip jack, shad, pork rind, toughened chicken livers, or anything that can be cut into a thin long sliver of meat.

Best trolling for catfish rig is 2/0 to 3/0 J-hooks, non-offset dressed with some kind of spinner bait or fly tying materials. From there 20 lbs monofilament line works well. 27 lbs leadcore line followed by 30 lbs monofilament backing. This work best for eating-sized blue catfish.

For trophy sized blues, start drifting chunk bait with 200 lbs monofilament.