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SPS Longtail Review | Small Swamp Runner Mud Motor Kit | 212cc Harbor Freight Predator Engine

Detailed assembly and review of the SPS North America, Small Swamp Runner Mud Motor Kit. If Want to know more about how to hot rod these motors for more horsepower and torque, download this free checklist to get started:

How to Hot Rod Your SPS Longtail

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From the “Catfisher’s Prayer Book”

Dear LORD,

You made the river, gave it its bends.
You filled it with water and taught it to flow,
Then you filled it with fish, our favorite the catfish:
The channel, the blue and the great flathead.

You gave them to us to catch, to eat, and to enjoy
in sport.
You gave us rods and reels, bait and much talk.
You gave us boats and sonar and fishing floats.

All these belong to you, and we pray that we would
use them honestly to glorify you.

In Christ forever

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Handmade Fishing Floats, Part II

Epoxy represents the second stage in making fishing floats. Use boat builder’s epoxy. Epoxy bonds everything together, an adhesive and a waterproofing agent. Its primary job makes once unit out of the dowel, wine cork, and the thread and wire. After that it’s time to sand. Since I cure these outside, dust and dirt settle on the unit. Light sanding knocks this off and smooths it out.

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Handmade Fishing Floats, Part I

Short Stem, Mid Body Floats Limey-Truse Paint

Short Stem Mid Body FloatsAlthough Black Warrior Lures started out making trolling flies, float making has become the vast majority of the business. It happened over the course of one summer (2014). I took an interest in channel catfish angling, and I knew I’d need a good fishing float. Remembering how my dad make float I started with those principles, then studied a lot of float in the UK. That’s what lead to me trying to design my own floats. The Channel Catfish Floats.