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Black Warrior Lures Catman Circle Hooks | Jugline Catfish Circle Hooks

I started looking for a jugline catfish circle hook a few years ago after using a standard circle hook on a jugline trip. I wanted something thicker and stronger that could handle the rigors of removing a hook from a catfish’s mouth with out bending or distorting the hook. I found a Chinese manufacturer willing to work with me, and the Catman Hooks were born.

The best catfish circle hooks depend on your application. For setline fishing of any type, true circle hooks make the be catfish circle hooks. The hook has to do all the work. That’s what circle hooks are designed to do.

To determine catfish circle hook size, double the size of a j-hook and that’s your circle hook size equivalent. I often fish 2/0 and 3/0 j-hook. That means you’d need 4/0 to 6/0 for fishing for catfish with circle hooks.

The best catfish rod for circle hooks, well, start with the hook first.. In that case a thinner wire hook is better. It will make the hook set easier. a Double action type hook would be better for those used to J-hook and can-t stand to see a rod bending over without yanking back on it. Get a double action hook, and you’ll be good.

Catman Hooks work well as a blue catfish circle hook and circle hooks for channel catfish. I catch both all the time off the same hook. I’m not much of a flathead fisherman, so don;t ask me about circle hooks for flathead catfish.

How to use circle hooks for catfish is easy, you let the fish hok himself. With juglines, trotlines it’s even easier because it’s a set-and-forget method of fishing.

Octopus circle hooks for catfish is for snelling. This puts the line in line with the axis of the hook. Black Warrior Lures Catman Hooks are better for good old knot tying.That makes it easier for making lots of jugs.