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Catman Hooks Are In!

Yup, They’re back! These hooks are jug fishing circle hooks. Jugline circle hooks are a true circle hook, no double or triple action, just one action devoted to catching fish on their own without setting the hook.

How to use circle hooks for catfish? Let the hook do all the work. It’s designed to when the catfish takes the bait and turn aside, the hook will bury into the corner of the mouth and seal the deal.

Catfish circle hooks size: keep in mind that your wan ta circle about twice the size of a j-hook. In other words if you’re used to a 2/0 or 3/0 j-hook, you will need a 4/0 to 6/0 circle for the same effect.

The best catfish circle hooks depend on your application. For setline fishing, get something thick wired like the Catman hooks I sell. If you’re rod and reel fishing, go for a think wire hook to make hooks setting easier as the line, drag and rod will help fight the fish.

Best catfish rod for circle hooks is something with a soft tip. Just go for fiberglass.I don’t like graphite much.

True catfish circle hooks have the point of the hook at or past 90 degrees to the shank of the hook. Most catfish circle hooks marketed are really just octopus circle hooks for catfish with a slightly bent point more toward the hooks shank. It’s a hybrid design meant for double action whereby people can set the hook traditionally or let the hook work in circle hooks function. I haven’t used any of these, so i can’t comment.

Blue catfish circle hooks: for eating sized cats I stick with 4/0 hooks.

Fishing for catfish with circle hooks just be sure to let the hook do all the work.

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How to Shoot Video

The best book on how to shoot video is “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck” by Steve Stockman. It’s available on Amazon, and he’s just released a new edition of the book.

How to shoot bluegill fishing videos? Well, first learn how to shoot good videos. Concentrate on stories, action and emotion. It isn’t about the bluegill. Capture the story, the action and the emotion, and you will gave a video that doesn’t suck.

How to shoot blue catfish videos: all the same thins apply. Fishing video are just documentaries really. Get the story, get the action, and get the emotion, and you’ll have a video people want to watch.

How to shoot catfishing videos: all catfishing vidoes are shot the same way. Again learn to shoot good video. Learn the principles that apply to any good video. Good fishing videos don’t mean show tons of footage catching fish. That is not a story. A guy going to a lake to catch bait for catch, but his motor blows up is a story filled with action and emotion.

I use Nikon d3300 camera for dslr shooting. It work okay. I’d buy a true professional camcorder if I had the cash. That way I could get CD quality sound and such.

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How to Catch Blue Catfish in a River

How to catch blue catfish in a river? Learn to catch bait. You need bait. I like bluegill because they’re plentiful, and I love bluegill fishing. You can use shad, skipjack, suckers, carp, drum or other prevalent fish in your area..

How to catch blue catfish in summer starts with understanding where the type water you have. I have a a riverine lake. Sometime it acts like a lake. Sometimes it acts like a river. The closer you are to the dam, the more it acts like a river. The further down stream, the more it is a lake.

How to catch catfish during the day to me is easier than at night. At the very least I can see! I prefer jugline fishing for catfish. It’s like a vertical.

How to catch catfish in the summer can be difficult because the fish are never really comfortable. It may be better to stock up on your favorite bait fish for the fall/winter bite.

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How to fish a solar eclipse

It’s the new moon, and there’s a solar eclipse. Guess what I did? I fished.

How do you fish a solar eclipse? Fish it the same way you fish the new moon. Fishing a solar eclipse is just another new moon. Only the light dips in the middle of the day. In fact the moon eclipsed in my area during the overhead period.

The fishing wasn’t stellar, but it should have been better. Sometimes you can’t find them. I did catch blue catfish during the solar eclipse 2017. I managed a bluegill as well. It was good for bait on the next trip.