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Jug Fishing Tips

Jug fishing is the number one way fishing is done in my home waters. It somewhat rare to see a catman using rod and reel. The one who do use rod and reel don’t seem to catch much. Catfish angling doesn’t require expensive gear. Jon boats serve as the boat of choice, most guys run less than 50 hp motors, and many of use don’t bother with sonar

Here are a few jug fishing tips:

jug fishing and rod and reel fishing don’t get along. Jug fishermen need much more space than a rod an reel fisherman who casts. The two get in each other’s way. Also you can catch an awful lot of fish with jug, and that can lead to envy from other fishermen who use less effective sporting methods. Be careful out there. Don’t blast to the world how many fish you caught. I don’t understand why fisherman have as need to tell everyone what they caught. I guess some people have a competitive spirit. I don’t. Leave me alone! The number of fish you catch doesn’t stock my freezer. Alas.

Despite the competitive nature of some catmen, most are quite jovial. One guy gave me a castnet full of shad for bait. I gladly accepted, but after a few hours of that shad stench, I threw them overboard and continued using my salted bluegill.

Salted bluegill catch fish. I also love catching bluegill. Instead of cleaning the bluegill to eat, I fillet them, then pack them in pickling salt.