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How to Shoot Video

The best book on how to shoot video is “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck” by Steve Stockman. It’s available on Amazon, and he’s just released a new edition of the book.

How to shoot bluegill fishing videos? Well, first learn how to shoot good videos. Concentrate on stories, action and emotion. It isn’t about the bluegill. Capture the story, the action and the emotion, and you will gave a video that doesn’t suck.

How to shoot blue catfish videos: all the same thins apply. Fishing video are just documentaries really. Get the story, get the action, and get the emotion, and you’ll have a video people want to watch.

How to shoot catfishing videos: all catfishing vidoes are shot the same way. Again learn to shoot good video. Learn the principles that apply to any good video. Good fishing videos don’t mean show tons of footage catching fish. That is not a story. A guy going to a lake to catch bait for catch, but his motor blows up is a story filled with action and emotion.

I use Nikon d3300 camera for dslr shooting. It work okay. I’d buy a true professional camcorder if I had the cash. That way I could get CD quality sound and such.