Wooden Cuban Yoyo Fishing Reel



Wooden Cuban yoyo Fishing Reel. These are handmade, custom turned on a lathe.

  • Made from southern yellow pine, a good wood for marine applications.
  • Waterproofed with boat building epoxy
  • Spar varnish makes it UV resistant and easy on the hands

Comes with a dozen stem swivels to make your own lead-free cement-based sinkers. Also comes with a dozen Triple Threat swivels to help eliminate line twist while casting or trolling.

NOTE: SPECIAL ORDER! Expect two to three weeks to ship. Each one of these is made one at a time by hand. This is not a big box, mass produces item. If you don’t want to wait, go buy a plastic one from Amazon. If you want a reel that will last a lifetime, it’s going to take two or three weeks.