Threadfin Shad Pattern


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My threadfin shad pattern has a green tint to it. Along the Black Warrior River most anything green catches fish. Once while trying to paddle my pirogue around to head down river, I noticed a dead fish drifting next to my boat. It was a shad. Threadfins are primary food source for largemouth and spotted bass. If there is one bait fish pattern to use, try a some kind of shad pattern.

It’s tied with synthetic Congo Hair, H20 Twist with a wool body. The more modern features include beads, doll eyes and a Poly Dodger Disc. This gives the pattern a rattle and unpredictable movement in the water, making it come alive

The tandem hook makes it easier to catch short striking fish. Most fish I catch with these are on the stinger hook, and I have never lost a fish because of the stinger. Why? CA glue and 50 lbs monofilament line to connect it.


  • Specify weighted or unweighted variants.
  • Fly gear use 6/7 wt rods and bass or light saltwater lines.
  • Traditional gear use with a Texas or Carolina rig.
  • Great for trolling.

Good times, tight lines!

NOTE: The weighted variant is weighted with 18 lbs. leadcore line. Lead is hazardous to your health. Do not ingest. Obey whatever laws in your state regarding lead-weighted fishing products.

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