Short Stem Channel Catfish Floats | Handmade Slip-Bobber | Neo-Vintage Wine Corks



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Beautiful, handcrafted, sensitive, easy-casting slip floats for catfishing on rivers and lakes. Works well in current and wind because the line stays under the water and doesn’t bow as much. Composite design: birch hardwood stem to give weight for long casts, recycled wine cork body for greater flotation, and epoxy for waterproofing.

Most people like the short-stemmed floats. I’m not sure why, but I think it makes more sense to people. These float were designed to be sensitive because the buoyancy is placed right on the balance point of the float. It requires a minimum of cocking weight to make it stand up, and helps you see every nibble.After experimenting with float as short as 4.5 inches I decided that 9 inches was the shortest I would make these because it’s the only size that can bee seen at long distances. The great advantage of this float: You can fish much skinnier water than the 18s. With this float only 4.5 inches is below water, so you could fish water 5 inches deep. The 18s require much deeper water.

  • 9 inch long stem
  • 3/4 inch wide body (the wine cork only)
  • Mid-body design puts highly buoyant cork on the balance point of the stem, making a more sensitive float
  • Aluminum wire eye
  • Nylon thread
  • Spar varnish for waterproofing and paint protection
  • Designed to look “old-school”
  • Hi-vis paint makes them easy to see from long distances
  • $1.25 each
  • Buy one or a dozen.