Modern Mickey Finn (a.k.a. Bass Crack)


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The Mickey Finn is a classic streamer. Streamers often imitate bait fish, but the Mickey Finn seems to have no direct bait fish comparison. It is a true lure designed to get fish’s attention.

The Story of the Mickey Finn
History of the Mickey Finn is a little sketchy. As I understand the pattern was original called the Bass Assassin. However it changed as someone noted that the bass take to the pattern like a drug laced liquor, a Mickey Finn. That’s what stuck.

The Modern Mickey Finn
The Modern Mickey Finn is tied with synthetic Congo Hair, H20 Twist with a wool body. The more modern features include beads, doll eyes and a Poly Dodger Disc. This gives the pattern a rattle and unpredictable movement in the water, making it come alive

The tandem hook makes it easier to catch short striking fish. Most fish I catch with these are on the stinger hook, and I have never lost a fish because of the stinger. Why? CA glue and 50 lbs monofilament line to connect it.

Let’s see. I’ve caught spotted bass, crappie and drum with these. Good for clear water conditions such as found on the Black Warrior River.


  • Specify weighted or unweighted variants.
  • Fly gear use 6/7 wt rods and bass or light saltwater lines.
  • Traditional gear use with a Texas or Carolina rig.
  • Great for trolling.

Good times, tight lines!

NOTE: The weighted variant is weighted with 18 lbs. leadcore line. Lead is hazardous to your health. Do not ingest. Obey whatever laws in your state regarding lead-weighted fishing products.

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Weighted with 18 lbs leadcore line