Do-It-Yourself Slip Cork Kit

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Some of you like making things on your own. That’s how I started making floats. My dad made floats out of cedar, but he didn’t have a good way of waterproofing the wood or securing the line. It took a summer of experimentation, out there on the river to find a balanced, sensitive float that worked and solved all the problems of dad’s old floats.

Here’s what I mean. The position of the wine cork. I started by studying the great British floats used on the River Avon and waggler-style floats. On the River Avon, they put the cork at the top of the stem. Wagglers secure the wine cork at the bottom.

How did they cast? The waggler version casted like an arrow: straight,  cutting through the wind and accurate. The Avon-style? It rotated like a helicopter! The worse thing I had ever casted. This is not a knock against Avon floats. Avons secure both ends of the float to the line, whereas the wagglers are only attached to the bottom on the float. The weight distribution is what made the difference, as I had only attached the Avon to the bottom like the waggler.

At any rate it happened by accident. I thought, “Maybe make a float that splits the difference.” I never thought positioning the float amid stem would work. I really did not believe in it, but learning from my favorite inventors the Wright Brothers, trust the data not what you think. It casted as well and as accurately as the waggler, without the helio-rotation of the Avon. It also cocked on end with the least weight, half the float out of the water, half the float under the water. Placing the buoyancy on the balance point of the stem made all the difference.

That’s what you have here: the chance to make these yourself, and experiment for yourself. This kit includes the “hard” parts that would be more difficult or time consuming on your own.

  • 24 wine works
  • 24 birch hardwood dowels
  • 24 preformed Gen II eyelet swivels

You supply your own thread, adhesive and paint, and you’re off fishing.