Channel Catfish Chummer


MULTIPLE SPECIES—For carp fishing, bream & bluegill fishing and channel catfishing. Any freshwater species where you can chum to trigger fish into a feeding pattern.

EASY USE—Works as both scoop and thrower. This eliminates clutter in your boat buy only keeping up with one tool.

NOT TOXIC—Safe for animal use. You won't have to worry about polluting the river or lakes by chumming with this tool.

—Lefties and righties welcome! You can switch hands and throw chum equally well.

—The small cup holds enough chum to put scent and bite-sized morsels in the water. This triggers fish into a feeding mood. If you over chum, you're feeding the fish, and they won't bite your bait!

IT FLOATS—Yup! Most metal throwing spoons and scoops sink straight to the bottom once they hit the water. Slime and gets on your hands. Sometimes things slip. Since it floats, recover it, and keep on chumming.

GOOD GRIP—Four finger indents secure a positive grip that helps prevent slips, so you wont accidentally throw your chummer overboard.

—Polymer design means lightweight so you can chum all day without tiring.

—Put a rope or string in the small hole at handle's end to add even more security when placed around your wrist.

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A chum thrower for channel catfish anglers that combines the scoop and a thrower all-in-one.

Works on for throwing soured wheat, milo, corn, chicken mash, halibut pellets, boillies, maggots/larvae, catfish feed
Great for carp, catfish, bream/bluegill
atlatl, more even distribution of chum in the fishing area

I used to use a ladle and a cut-off plastic baseball bat. That was two tools to keep up with, two hands to use in the process of chumming which meant my hands weren’t free to guide the motor or do other tasks to set up for fishing. It’s cumbersome.

Eventually I lost the ball bat, and I couldn’t find the big plastic ball bats anywhere in town. Realizing I needed a solution, looked high and low, and tried various “work-arounds” that either threw out too much chum, couldn’t throw it far enough, or couldn’t cover enough area.

The solution came when I saw carp fishermen overseas using what lookes like an old spear-throwing device called an atlatl. In ancient times they figured out how to throw spear farther and faster by adding a throwing device that acted like and extension of the arm. It give greater leverage, so you can throw chum at faster speeds and longer distances, cover more area in less time. This way you can concentrate on fishing instead of chumming.

I ordered a small batch from a manufacturer from where the product was used for a totally different purpose. Anyway both tools in one solves the problem and help me spread chum faster over longer distances to cover a greater area, to catch more fish.

Get one and get chumming!