Black Warrior Lures Long Stem Eyelet Swivels–50 Stainless Steel Pole-type Swivels–Great As Eyelets on Floats, Bobbers, Corks, Trolling Flies and Streamers–Alternative to Tube Flies–REDUCES LINE TWIST


  • High Speed Swivel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Uses
  • Strong Stem
  • Fits Standard Fly Tying Vices


Line twist, guys. Trolling, drifting and dragging cause line twist. Spinning reels cause line twist, put the two together and it’s hopeless. This can help reduce line twist, cut the need for additional tackle, and simplify your gear.

The first version of my floats and trolling flies had no kind of incorporated swivel. They caught fish, but line twist caused a headache. I used traditional snap swivels, but that drove up costs and gave me one more thing to keep up with.

I searched a long time and found a manufacturer overseas willing to work with me and ordered a sample batch for experimentation. I call this a frontline component: a part so valuable that without it would be a step back in development. This single component started all the Gen. II products here at Black Warrior Lures.

These are great for making fishing floats, bobbers, corks. They also make great trolling flies and an alternative for tube flies. The fit right in a standard fly tying vice.


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