240 CM Cuban yoyo | used


This is how I use my handlines. Very effective method:

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240 cm Plastic Handline Reel Used
Fully rigged for trolling and drift fishing:

  • 20 lbs test backing
  • 27 lbs lead core line 30 yards
  • 12 foot 20 lbs shank mono
  • three furled leaders, 15 lbs line
  • three, six and 12 foot tippets, 8 lbs line
  • three #10 custom tied AMP flies
  • Three Triple Threat Swivels 60lbs breaking strength
  • Three 110 lbs snaps

Hey, I only have three of these available. Since these reels and backing lines are used, I’m cutting the price. The flies, leadcore, snaps, swivels, and leaders and tippets are new. in other words all the riggin is new. Good deal?

Again only three available. Get’em fast.

$6 flat rate shipping.